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BioGaia ProDentis at largest dental exhibition in Japan

Japan Dental Show 2012

BioGaia exhibited its oral health probiotic BioGaia ProDentis at The Japan Dental Show November 9 – 11, 2012 in Osaka, Japan.  The Japan Dental Show 2012 is a quadrennial meeting organized by the Japan Dental Trade Association to provide dental professionals with updates on the latest dental equipment, devices, materials and pharmaceuticals in an exhibition. BioGaia participated to bring the latest scientific data on oral health probiotics directly to the expected 30,000 delegates.


Japan is a key market for BioGaia as the country has the world’s highest spending per capita on probiotic products. Probiotic yoghurts were introduced well over 70 years ago and today it is mainstream thinking that “friendly” bacteria  could be helpful in controlling harmful bacteria. The exhibition supported BioGaia’s efforts to reach out to dental professionals regarding use of well-documented probiotics for oral health.


One of the themes for the exhibition is to emphasize the availability of the latest dental care for all generations. ”As Japan’s population grows older, people wish to have both a healthy body and a healthy mouth. Probiotics for oral health fit very well into this trend” explains Keitaro Nomura, President and COO of BioGaia Japan. ”We have developed probiotics specifically for oral health and see the technology as a key tool for dentists and patients to prevent and treat diseases in the oral cavity”.


BioGaia ProDentis is sold via business partners in more than 15 countries. In Japan BioGaia operates its own subsidiary since 2006.