Here you find our distribution partners selling Lactobacillus reuteri Prodentis. Our product is sold under the brand BioGaia Prodentis or in collaboration with trusted partnerns like Sunstar under the brand GUM Periobalance.


Europe Brand Partner E-mail/web address
Bulgaria BioGaia ProDentis Ewopharma
Croatia BioGaia ProDentis Ewopharma
Cyprus BioGaia ProDentis George Petrou Ltd
Czech Republic BioGaia ProDentis Profimed
Estonia BioGaia ProDentis Baltic Business Partners
Finland RelaDent Verman
Germany PerioBalance Sunstar Deutschland
Greece BioGaia ProDentis Plac Control
Italy Reuterin OS NOOS
Latvia BioGaia ProDentis SIA “Darba Vides Eksperti“
Portugal GUM PerioBalance Sunstar
Slovakia BioGaia ProDentis Ewopharma
Slovenia BioGaia ProDentis Ewopharma
Spain GUM PerioBalance Sunstar
Sweden BioGaia ProDentis BioGaia
United Kingdom BioGaia ProDentis BioGaia
Ukraine BioGaia ProDentis Delta Medical
Israel BioGaia ProDentis Dexcel
Japan BioGaia ProDentis BioGaia
Singapore BioGaia ProDentis Pharmaforte
South Africa BioGaia ProDentis Ivodent
North America
Canada GUM PerioBalance Sunstar
USA GUM PerioBalance Sunstar