Start in time

There is a lot you can do yourself, and a lot that your hygienist or dentist can help you with. The important thing is that you start on time, have patience and spend a few minutes each day with your oral care routine.

Visit your dentist and hygienist regularly

It is important to have regular visits to your dental professionals that checks your mouth for early detection of gum problems. Go to your dentist and dental hygienist twice a year.

A dental hygienist makes a professional cleaning to remove tartar and gives advice on how to maintain your oral care between visits.

Avoid stress and smoking

Both stress and smoking can contribute to gum problems because the body’s immune system is affected and reduces gingival defence. Ask your dental professional for advice if you need help to quit smoking.

Don't forget your daily oral hygiene

Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day for at least two minutes at each time. Do not brush too hard. It does not get any cleaner with pressure. It is also important to daily clean between the teeth with dental floss, tooth stick or interdental brush.

Clean between your teeth before you begin brushing because plaque that ripped apart is then brushed off. Your dentist or hygienist will help you to select products and try out the correct size of interdental brush.

Add lactic acid bacteria

In addition to visiting the dental hygienist and daily oral care, supplementation of lactic acid bacteria may be an option.

There are specific strains of lactic acid bacteria which have been shown in clinical studies to be able to maintain a balanced bacterial flora in the oral cavity. Lactic acid bacteria are a complement to the daily oral care routine.

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