Why recommend BioGaia Prodentis?

BioGaia Prodentis is a dietary supplement for the mouth and a complement to the proven and well documented mechanical cleaning with a toothbrush, dental floss and interdental brush. BioGaia Prodentis is a clinically proven, practical and safe supplement for patients with gum problems. BioGaia Prodentis contains the natural bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri Prodentis and does not discolor teeth, does not affect the taste and does not irritate the mucosa in the oral cavity.

For patients with chronic periodontitis and recurrent gingivitis

BioGaia Prodentis is clinically tested in patients with chronic periodontitis in order to maintain the outcome of the professional cleaning, as well as patients with recurrent gingivitis. BioGaia Prodentis can be used by patients who are at high risk of gum problems: the elderly, diabetics, pregnant women, patients with osteoporosis, patients with braces, certain medications and smokers.

Ecological plaque hypothesis

It is known that both the host and bacteria contribute to development of gum problems. The presence of pathogenic bacteria, the lack of beneficial bacteria and the host’s susceptibility are key factors for periodontal disease. Traditional treatment often focuses on reducing pathogens with mechanical cleaning and hygiene instructions. This reduces the amount of pathogenic bacteria but only temporarily as they quickly recolonize the oral cavity. The ecological plaque hypothesis suggests that treatment instead should restore the balance of the disturbed oral flora by for example adding beneficial bacteria.

Clinical studies

There are more than 40 published studies with L. reuteri Prodentis. Highlights:

Chronic periodontitis

  • L. reuteri Prodentis lozenges as an adjunct to mechanical debridement, reduces the overall probing pocket depth in patients with periodontitis. J Clin Periodontol. 2020 Jan; 47(1): 43–53.
  • A systematic review showed that L. reuteri Prodentis was the only probiotic effective in patients with chronic periodontitis. According to the authors the results are similar to those of other adjuncts to treatment of periodontitis, such as systemic antibiotics. J Clin Periodontol. 2016.
  • 47% less pockets in need for surgery in patients with chronic periodontitis with L. reuteri Prodentis as an adjunct to SRP compared to SRP only. J Clin Periodontol 2013; 40: 1025–1035. doi: 10.1111/jcpe.12155.
  • L. reuteri Prodentis lozenges may be a useful adjuvant agent to slow recolonisation and improve clinical outcomes of chronic periodontitis. Effects of adjunctive treatment last for 180 days. Journal of Periodontology 2015; 0 0:0, 1-13.



  • L. reuteri Prodentis demonstrated significant clinical benefits in patients with peri-implantitis as an adjunct to antibiotic treatment. J Prosthodont Res. online 26 Jul 2017
  • L. reuteri Prodentis improved clinical parameters and reduced cytokine levels in patients with peri-implant mucositis as well as in patients with implants without peri-implant disease. J Periodontal Res. 2015;50:775-785.
  • L. reuteri Prodentis significantly decreased probing pocket depth in implants with mucositis or peri-implantitis. In addition, bleeding on probing decreased in implants with peri-implantitis, and general bleeding on probing in patients with mucositis. J Periodontal Res. 53(3):378-390.


  • L. reuteri Prodentis significantly reduced Streptococcus mutans in preschool children. J Clin Pediatr Dent. 42(5):331-338.
  • L. reuteri Prodentis lozenges significantly reduced the counts of Streptococcus mutans in young adults with high counts thereof. J Pediatr Dent. 18:35-39.
    L. reuteri Prodentis decrease the Streptococcus mutans counts. This suggests that it could have a positive effect in the prevention of caries. Review Clinical Oral Investigations. July 2014, Volume 18, Issue 6, pp 1539-1552.


Oral candida

Products for the clinic and the patient

BioGaia Prodentis is a line of products for use by dental professionals in the clinic and at home by the patient. The products are clinically proven, easy to use and safe to consume.

  • BioGaia Prodentis drops: applied by dental personnel after SRP.
  • BioGaia Prodentis lozenges: patients use for three months as an adjunct to daily oral care routine.

Work flow at the clinic

The work flow for treatment with BioGaia Prodentis drops and tablets is simple and consists of a few steps. After completion of SRP:

  • Apply the drops in the periodontal pocket using a syringe with a non-invasive application tip. Ensure that the periodontal pocket is filled.
  • Recommend the patient to complement regular oral care routine with BioGaia Prodentis tablets once daily for three months.
  • If necessary, repeat the application of drops in the periodontal pocket as above and extend for additional three months.